Final Call For Donations! Help Me Fight MS!

Hi all,

The Bike MS weekend has finally come. This Saturday myself and many others will pedal our bikes around Ventura and points north to raise awareness for MS. It’s been a tough year since the I first rode for MS. In that time a fellow cyclist my age has been diagnosed with MS. That cyclist is Aaron Edge and he has become a huge inspiration to me. More importantly he has become a great friend. This weekend he will be on my mind much as I climb over Casitas Pass and look around out my fellow do-gooders. This year Aaron and I started a project called Upness. It’s an idea that hopes to keep hopes up. Keep people outside being active and staying driven while they conquer whatever challenge may lie ahead. For some it’s hiking over a mountain pass, others it may be running a 5k and it could be as simple as getting out of bed that day. Whatever the challenge is, we want to keep people moving forward.

This year my mom has been doing well. She would still like to ride the event herself one day, but for now I’ll do the pedalin’ for her. She will be at the event to cheer us and the many other riders on. She’s one tough lady and I’m happy to do all that I can for her.

So this year, with Aaron’s help we created a team that is rightfully called “Upness”. I’m lucky to have 3 teammates this year, and next year I hope to have many more. We set a goal to raise $10,000 this year and are still have quite a way to go. We could use all of the help we could get, so if you can make a donation that would be amazing. Some of you have already made donations, but maybe you could forward this to your friends, families and co-workers. The world gets pretty small when you start talking about MS and there maybe someone in your circle that you know that has or has been affected by MS. Every little bit counts. Spread the word via twitter, facebook or instagram! Right now our team has raised $3600 dollars. I think with your support we can still reach our goal. Will you please support us in our efforts? You can click here to donate.

Huge thanks in advance and I hope that next year is even better! See you out there!


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