No Time Like The Present

Or something like that. I’ve been taking some time away from the bloggin’. No real reason I guess. Maybe I didn’t have anything to share? Maybe my funk was deeper than I thought. For whatever reason I’ve been gettin’ pulled back to it though. Let’s see how it goes for a while. Who am I kiddin’? No one reads this anyways.

Oregon Outback

Well, if you are reading this then you should be aware of the Oregon Outback. The fine people of have laid out a 360 mile route across Oregon. Mostly dirt. That’s right. Dirt. Many people are already stoked on it and are planning to be there Memorial Day weekend for the event. Count me as one of them.

Also in bikepacking news, the Stagecoach 400 put on by Brendan and Mary of The Hub has a new date in 2014. This year it’s earlier starting on March 14th. That should hopefully give the riders some cooler temps for the desert portion of the route. I’ve been wanting to head back down and do this event, but I don’t think I’ll make it this year. Maybe for some prerunning though.

I’ve got some plans for next year starting to take shape. I’ll start posting up some of the info as things get locked down. That’s about it for now. That wasn’t so bad was it? Let’s try and keep it going. For now here’s something fun.

  • Johnny

    Keep us posted on those rides. I might jump in on one of them.