Sometimes I’m a Dick

Yesterday I posted a link on facebook to John Prolly’s report on his AWOL trip. I made a sarcastic comment about Specialized (the company), which I don’t like, but the link was to the PiNP post and, well I came off like a dick. I didn’t mean to be a dick to John but it did read that way. I think that if the comment was made in person it wouldn’t have come off the same way, but it wasn’t, and it did.

I try to only fuel stoke about pedalin’ bikes and more importantly the people behind them. John is one of those people, and although we’ve only met a couple times, he’s been super cool to me. The guy even follows this idiot on Instagram! (probably not anymore). So when I realized the effect my stupid post had I felt like shit. It bugged me all day. I’m not the kind of person that does that crap. At least I try not to be, so it bummed me out. Bummed me out that my stupid words could bum out someone else’s day. Especially someone that is just doing what I try to do. Fueling stoke for ridin’ bikes.

I apologized to John in the post and I sent him an email, but it didn’t feel like enough. So I’m posting this to apologize publicly. I think honesty is the best policy and I came off like a dick. I didn’t mean to offend him or attack his work. I’m sorry it was taken that way.

The other riders in his post are Erik and Recep. They rode the Transcontinental Race on their AWOLs. If you haven’t seen the videos, do yourself a favor and watch them. Then watch them again. They are that good. Erik is a beast of rider and while I don’t know him, I was aware of him before these videos. I had followed along with some of his touring through his page Thegreatescape.tmblr and bought one of his patches. In fact, his patch was the first patch that I added to my own rando bag.


Look, I’m not stoked about Specialized. At all. For anything, but these guys are doing some rad things on bikes. That’s really all it comes down to. That’s all I want to do. Some people even think I do it, but I get my stoke from other people. These three guys have fueled plenty of my own stoke. So why would take away from theirs? I don’t know either. I guess sometime’s I’m just a dick.

I hope to pedal with these guys someday. Up a hill, make some coffee (or tea) and talk about bikes. That would be good. So good.

  • Esteban

    Its a good thing for John to post, for sure. Part of his beat, I see, is seeing how the majors surf the zeitgeist. But your sarcasm @ the big S is well taken, too!

  • Here’s the thing, you and John have both brought me a bunch of stoke over the last year. That being said as a bike shop employee, I will NEVER ride a Specialized especially when the company can’t handle themselves in a morally responsible way (suing bike shops, and other companies).

    Keep up the stoke, I miss your posts.

  • Guest

    Just remember the golden rule of the Tarik Saleh Bike Club: Try not to be an ass