40th Birthday Ride

This weekend I turned 40. Damn, 40 years old. It’s a weird feeling to be sure. Funny how it’s a big number, but I feel the same way I did when I was 19 or 20. I’m not even that much balder! Stupid genes.

I asked a few of my friends to join me for a ride around Los Angeles. I mapped out a route that would help me finish off my weekly mileage goal as well as be a nice and big loop. We ended up with about 60 miles of riding. Good times.

La Tuna

Luke, Bruce, Marcus, Adam and Greg came out for the ride. Luke was the only one that got a flat and was so embarrassed he tried to hide behind his bike.

First Flat

One of the guys took advantage of the break. It was not a bad place to pee.

Not A Bad Place To Pee

I had a collection of climbs laid out for the guys, but Bruce felt we should add the climb up to Debell Golf Course as well. He was right, I thought it was fun, but the guys weren’t too happy with him. We all thanked Bruce for this b-b-b-bonus climb later when our legs were burning up La Tuna Canyon.


La Tuna

La Tuna

Here’s a look at the loop we did.

Thanks for joining me guys. Next year we’ll do a longer ride. I’m thinkin’ a Double Century. Who’s in!

  • Bill Meadows

    so bummed i missed this