Mt. Wilson Solo Mission

Sunday I pointed #projectmersh (The Trek Domane) towards the Angeles Crest for some climbing. I was behind on the miles that I try to pedal each week so I thought I’d try and do a ride that would make up some miles and also test my legs. The previous weekend I rode the Mudfoot Dirty Hundo so I was curious how I would feel. Hopefully better than this dummy.


Clear Creek

This canyon and the trail that runs through it is on deck (upper decker?) for a future bikepacking trip. I’ve got a route in mind that will minimize pavement to get to where I was and to points beyond. I’m always making notes of what connects where in order to make bigger and better loops.

Plans to ride this soon to points beyond.

The plan was to head up to Mt. Wilson and on the way down see how my legs felt. After the Mt. Wilson road descent they felt ok, so I turned right instead of the left that drops you back down to the start. While up on Mt. Wilson road I took this pic. If you look down you can see West Fork Dirt road, which we climbed last weekend. If you look straight across you can see the Angeles Crest Highway where I was headed next. Just beyond the ridge is where I was headed.

Looking down on West Fork Road and across to Angeles Crest Highway

The right turn took me farther up the Angeles Crest Highway to the junction of Upper Big Tujunga, or 9 Mile as some call it. The wind was blowin’ really hard up there on the ridge. I wondered if I was making the right decision to carry on. There was still time to turn around and go down the front. I pushed on though, and was rewarded with about 8 miles of downhill with no cars and only a couple other crazy cyclists.

Upper Big T

Left turn at Angeles Forest Highway and Right turn at Lower Big Tujunga and I started to dream of a Large Neopolitan shake at In-N-Out. It didn’t come soon enough as the temps started to rise right as a bonk started to creep up on me.

A successful day out on the bike all alone. Trying to push myself physically to better learn about my fueling, and mentally to deal with the demons that work against me. I’d say I came out ahead on both that day.

View from Mt. Wilson.