Crankin’ up the miles.

Back in March at the start of the 400k I was talking with Ryan and Shai about the amount of miles they ride per week. Both of these guys are strong riders that I look up to both in terms of performance and mental toughness. I was blown away by how many miles they ride per year, per month, per week! Their successful brevets are a by-product of all of this hard work. The brevet started and they rode off to a good finish while I rode off to a DNF. Not stoked.

They got me thinking though. They ride more than me per month, but if I just added a little bit here and there per day, or per week even, I could possibly log that many miles too. The trick is not loosing too much “at home” time with the wifey. Maybe an extra 15-30 minutes on my commute per day, each direction and a lunch ride would make a difference?

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Well it has. Since that DNF in March I’ve upped my mileage and I feel like I’ve unlocked a whole other level of fitness. I’ve set a weekly goal of 200 miles per week and, while I’ve only hit it twice, my overall average has continued to go up and up. I suppose if it were easy I’d reach the goal every week. If and when I get to that point, well, I guess I’ll have to raise it again.

This is the first week that I won’t be riding in quite some time. I’m fighting a cold and this week I’ll be traveling. No pedalin’ for the week means a good week of rest. Which is good, because the next week is gonna be a doozy. Stay tuned!

Strava Logs

Strava Logs

  • Esteban

    This is really interesting. For the last two seasons, as my kids have gotten older (2 year old is now four!), I like to be at home with them (go figure), and don’t do much riding besides my 10-mile each way commute (4x week). So, I usually amble up to brevets with no real distance fitness and its a crapshoot (this year, sucky 200, strong 300). I keep telling myself that I should ad a 30 minute loop on the way in, but I get late and usually ride into work just as my first stuff starts. Time for a late spring resolution! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Area45

      Funny thing is that I allowed an extra 30 mins for my commute so it should take me 1 1/2 hours to get to work. I’ve noticed though that as time has passed, that 1 1/2 hour ride has shrunk to 1 hour 15 mins. The ride home that used to be 20 mins longer, is now only 5-10 mins longer. Which only gives me less of an excuse to take the “shorter/faster” way home.