Cedar Cycling Launches Long Sleeve Jersey!

Cedar Cycling just released their new wool Long Sleeve Jersey! Yeah, it’s a bit warm here in Los Angeles, but that’s how it timed out. Making good stuff takes time, that much I know. I haven’t seen or handled one, but I’m a believer in Cedar Cycling and the gear they put out. I own three of their wool jerseys, one V1 and two V2s. The V2 jersey is so good that it’s my go-to jersey for long days on the bike. Now there will be some competition on cool days for which one to wear!

I’m really diggin’ the Cedar Cycling logo embroidered on the back. Nice touch guys!

Wool is a great choice for a tour or a brevet because it keeps you warm and most importantly it does not stink like a synthetic jersey. Sometimes when you wear a synthetic jersey they can smell so bad that you can turn yourself off, let alone strangers in a restaurant or coffee shop. That doesn’t happen with wool. Yes, they can be a bit warm, and there is some added weight to them, but I find that they more than make up for that in comfort. The full zip helps on warmer days to adjust the temps as well as make it easier for those pesky bathroom stops!

For V3 They’ve adjusted the fit of these long sleeve versions somewhat. Here’s the description.

Staying with our signature merino-blend fabric and the same articulated fit of the Standard Jersey, we changed the sleeve to a set-in style, versus the raglan style of the Standard, and cut them extra-long, which keeps them from backing away from your wrists in the riding position.

Oh, and a new color! Well, for the dudes anyways. I think the ladies already had a different color. The men’s jerseys were only available in Blue before, but now it’s available in Red. I’m typically a fan of darker colors, but I do like this brighter option. Better for night time riding and visibility. The new color is also available in a short sleeve versions.

The guys at Cedar Cycling continue to be a huge supporter of Aaron and I and Upness. They are some of the good ones so I’m helping to spread the word for them. As a b-b-b-bonus use the discount code “errins_a_damn_comedy_man” to get 20% off! This is only good for the first 10 people to use it so don’t waste any time and take advantage of this! They are good people doing good things locally. That’s good work in my book.