Boyz On The Hoods DNFleche! With Video!

The crew from Boyz On The Hoods laid out a super rad route for their Fleche up in SF. They included Indians Rd headed north from Fort Hunter-Ligget which is an amazing ride. Do it if’n ya haven’t yet. It also looks like it was Box Dog Bikes Pelican rally! As you might have gathered from the title things didn’t go as planned. Take the time to read all of the reports, which are done from different riders perspectives, because they are all really good. Then watch the video. Or just watch the video. Whatevs.

Indians Road [DNF]l├Ęche 2014 – San Francisco Randonneurs from Boyz on the Hoods on Vimeo.

  • Yeahhhh, thanks for share! Hopefully got some Boyz on the Hoods (LA edition) stuff planned soon…

    • Area45

      Keep me posted Irving. I’d like to join you If’n I can.

  • Andrew Law

    Any bike any where!