Tuesday Pedalin’

Yesterday was a solid day of pedalin’. To work, to Griffith Park, to home and then with the Foochow Ride. All of that added up to 91 miles of pedalin’. Between all of that I squeezed in a 8 hour work day. Not sure which one tired me out more. I know which one I enjoyed more, that’s for sure.

Foochow took us out east over a bunch of new roads to me. The best one was Turnbull Canyon. We ended up out in Rowland Heights pedalin’ past Schabarum Park, which was called Otterbein when I was a kid. Otterbein was a much better name. We used to go there to ride bikes, slide down the dirt hill on cardboard and listen to Weird Al Yankovic. You know, the good old days. The memories that flooded my head offset the feelings that my legs were sending. If it’s gonna be tough, it’s always better to fill your head with good thoughts. It’s harder than it sounds.

Check out the Foochow ride on Strava.

And here’s a little Weird Al Yankovic. Consider it a gift.