Denver Walk and Rail Day

It’s been a couple weeks already and I haven’t posted anything about our trip to Denver. We headed to Denver to attend the PSC Partners Liver Conference. I’ll post about that later. This post is just about walkin’ ’round the town of Denver.

I rode the light rail from our hotel which was located south of Denver proper. It was a good way to get around since we didn’t have a car. Next time though, a car would be nice. The views from the train were pretty cool, and it was good to see all the BikeMS info in town.





What are these things called again? I saw them in downtown Denver. It’s funny what gets you stoked as a cyclist. Probably pretty boring to most people. That’s assuming they even notice them.


I took the light rail to the downtown area where I transferred to a bus. This is where I ran into Ed. I was standin’ on the corner waitin’ for the bus when I spotted a Golden Saddle Cyclery kit on a cyclist headed my way. I flagged him down so I could take a pic and he recognized me from the ‘stagram! Whoa! Small world! I’d heard about Ed because he also rides a Mukluk here in LA. You know he’s cool now right? He was in town with to play a show with his band The Glitch Mob. Ed takes a bike with him on his tours and gets to explore each city by bike this way. Pretty rad if’n ya ask me! Hopin’ to pedal our fatbikes together when he gets back to town. So rad to meet you out there Ed!



From there I got on the bus and headed towards the my next destination. I was headed to the three shops of the Tennyson Collective. Avery County Cycles, Berkeley Supply Co and Pearl Velo. These three shops are right next to each other. Each owned independently (?) but connected to each other. It’s a pretty cool vibe that they have going.




Pearl Velo is the “bike shop” in the traditional sense. Berkeley Supply Co sells quality made in the U.S.A gear and Avery County Cycles makes custom cycles. The newest addition is a motorcycle lifestyle shop called Two If By Land. I wish I had more pictures of all them to show, but the reality is that I was enjoying the convos with Tyler, Josh and Eli so much that I didn’t get enough pictures. Chatting with these three and Kerry (Dirtdrops) was a highlight of the trip. It’s always amazing to me how you can meet total strangers thanks to bikes and before you know it have plans made for future trips with these new friends, who are no longer strangers.




After these guys Kerry gave me a lift over to a B-cycle kiosk. What a crazy bottle sitting in his car!


The B-cycle is a self service bike stand where you can check out city bike to ride to other parts of the city, where you can check the bike into another station. The idea is that you use the bike for thirty minutes or less, basically for short commutes. It’s a pretty cool bike with an Internal Gear Hub and more importantly for this rando nerd, full dyno lighting and a front rack! I used this pedal machine to head over to visit the Topo Designs Flagship Store.



The Topo Designs store is a must visit if you are in Denver. Not only do they have all the backpacks there in one place to check out, but they off one off colors there in the store. The one offs are not available online, as far as I know, so it’s really only for locals, but it’s a pretty cool idea. In addition to all the bags and clothes they have a collection of camping gear. Some vintage Coleman stuff on display as well as some modern Snow Peak Ti items. Some of my favorite items though were the patches. Some classic Smokey The Bear designs were on display.




I picked up a couple things from Topo before grabbin’ another B-cycle and headin’ back to the train. The train got me back to the hotel just in time for the conference to begin. Unfortunately that was all the time I was able to spend in the city. I need to make some time to get back there and make sure I have a bike with me. Thanks Denver.