Cairn Box

I recently was turned on to the Cairn Box from my friend Brett Simpson. Similar to a CSA box, which we tried last year, it’s a box that arrives monthly with goodies. Here’s the catch though, it’s stuff to be used in the out of doors! A little gimmicky? Maybe, but I was interested anyways.


The monthly cost is $25 for a grab bag of useful items. Why was I sold? I’ve been wanting to get a Luminaid light for quite some time, but kept putting it off. Guess what was included in May’s box? If you guessed free nudie mags you’d be wrong. If you guessed a Luminaid, then you would be right. Pat yourself on the back. Also included was a Spork with it’s own case (fancy), Powdered Peanut Butter (Hmmm), Biodegradable Soap (ok!) and some hipstery gourmet oatmeal (laxative?). Pretty much all things that I will use on my next trip.



Basically you get a couple rad things and some extra things to try that you would probably never buy. With the help of some referrals you can even get a free monthly box (hint hint-tell them I sent ya!). It’s worth trying for a little while. Kinda wish I got that sweet hammock from April though.