Telescope Peak Day 1

A few weeks ago Marcus floated the idea to hike up to Telescope Peak in Death Valley. Death Valley has the lowest point in North America at Badwater, 282 below sea level, and just across the valley has one of nine ultra-prominent peaks in California, Telescope Peak.

I have been pedalin’ a ton, but I felt like I was in no shape for this. So instead of turning it down I reluctantly said yes. I knew I’d make it, but I knew it would be tough. We drove out from Los Angeles Friday afternoon, getting to the Trona area right as the sun was getting good. It dropped behind the mountains as we climbed out of Panamint Valley up to our campground. Not a bad way to end your work week if’n you ask me, which you didn’t.

Four Wheel Camper at the Trona Rocks

Trona Rocks

Looking up at Telescope Peak

Trona Wildrose road was closed due to flood damage.

Camping at Mahogany Flat