Back to work!

My Summah hiatus officially ends today and after four weeks off I’m headed back to work. Serbrina and I spent the day together yesterday doing nothing really expect chores and cooking. I made a baked potato dish in the Dutch oven that came out really good. Later, Boon gave us a Dutch Oven so that was nice.


I realize that being a curmudgeon extends to most things in my life. While cleaning out the cast iron the similarities between playing records, riding steel rando bikes and cooking in cast iron were glaring at me. I should’ve been wearing a wool jersey as well.


To say I’m stoked to go back to work wouldn’t be fair, but I am glad. Work helps to fund fun, not matter how it takes it’s shape and I’m always on the hunt for it. Strike while the iron is hot I always say. And in my spare time I’m learning the life skills now that will serve me when I’m homeless. Cooking outside and riding a bike around the neighborhood looking for treasure.