Coastal Breeze 300k

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden a brevet. Life is like that sometimes. It’s not cool and gets in the way of the fun stuff. I’ve been needin’ a long day on the bike though and this time the stars lined up.

There is not much to say. I rode fast, but within my limits. I tried to hang with the first group for as long as I could. I was able to do that for about the first 100k. Then I had to slow down and just do my own ride. I ended up riding the next 200k, or about 120 miles, by myself. Not the most fun, but I need days like this to push myself. The toughest part of these rides is the alone time. I was kept occupied by the navigation though. My GPS died 80 miles in which left me with no way of tracking my mileage. So I just did the math in my head and was able to estimate the distances that way. I managed to make all the turns without getting lost even though it was different route. Not to shabby.

My goal was to finish the event in 14 hours, or close to 8pm, which is right about when the sun goes down out here at this time of year. I was able to finish in 13 hours and 56 mins so I beat my goal, but I think it was a little past twilight. The lights were needed by the last .5 mile or so.

This laid some solid ground work for next month’s challenging ride. It’s gonna be a tough one.

Huge thanks to Greg and Lisa for the hospitality and custom pizzas at the end and Pete for the drinks while out on the course.