LA River Coffee or #coffeewithoutwalls

I’ve been really trying to participate in Mary’s #Coffeeneuring challenge that started a couple weeks ago. Plans that were set in motion months ago have conspired to keep me off the bike on the weekend’s though, so I’ve had to make do with weekday outings.

For a few months a small group of us have been meeting along the LA River before work to enjoy a cup, talk about bikes and then pedal off on our own directions to work. It’s become something that I look forward to every week. I haven’t done the best job at taking pics, but here are a few from our meeting last week. We¬†started out as just a couple people showing up with their coffee in a thermos and now we the group is growing and we are brewing coffee outside. This would count as #Coffeeneuring #2.¬†Kjeld posted more photos here. Check them out!

#coffeewednesday is growing! Thanks for coming out guys! #coffeeoutside

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Got a few pics to post from today's #coffeewednesday A great day to enjoy #coffeeoutside

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#coffeewednesday #coffeeoutside

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