#LARivercampcoffee 11/12/14

Another week, another #larivercampcoffee. This week the stakes were raised a bit. I used my Bakepacker to make some Banana Bread. It was nowhere as good as the Banana Bread from Topanga Creek Bicycles, but it was good. I’ve got a lot to learn from Chris. Also, Jeff brought a flower, and that was nice.

We had a good turnout today. A couple new faces made it out as well as the usual characters. Nathan nailed it by bringing is own folding chair. I’m pretty sure I’ll have mine out there next week as well. Great idea!

I was able to try out my new Helix Cone from Ocean Air Cycles. It’s a really cool design, but it doesn’t work well with my cup. The paper filter ends up drooping down into the cup to the point that the water in the filter has nowhere to go. I think a taller cup would probably work better. You just need to keep the filter high enough for the water to flow. My cup is too shallow.

Best part of the day was when Greg from Trystero Coffee pedaled up with some new coffee for a couple of us. He lives near by and was able to make a delivery to our meetup. We talked a little about coffee but mostly about motos, which is always rad.

Hope to see some new faces out there next week as well as the ones I’ve come to expect. I look forward to every Wednesday now and starting the day off with good cup of coffee and hangin’ with some good people. See ya then!





Here are a few more pics from Instagram from today.


Pi from @thedudeabidesman

#larivercampcoffee and #donuts

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Pic from @milestoneirdes 2013

Hanging out this morning with these goofballs. #larivercampcoffee #coffeewednesday #coffeeoutside

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