Annual Milestone

Yesterday on my ride home, or maybe it was the ride in (who knows), I passed a personal milestone. As of yesterday I’ve passed my most miles ridden in a year mark. 5100 miles pedaled so far this year.

The last time I had ridden this many miles was when I was preparing for the Tour Divide. Back in 2010 I was full of determination and focused. Since then I’ve never really come close to logging that many miles in a year. Maybe because I didn’t have that one big thing to focus on? Maybe I was just concerned with having fun and keeping things light?

One thing is for sure, all the miles this year have been fun. This year the miles have almost logged themselves. Maybe it’s no coincidence that this year has been the toughest year for Serbrina and I. She’s so friggin’ tough and puts up with so much, 60% health and 40% me, but she’s had a tough year with her health. Maybe that’s why my pedalin’ stats are up. I guess I’ve been choosing to spend more time on the bike instead of forcin’ myself.

This is the end of November now and I’m actually pretty far behind where I’d hoped I’d be. I really thought I was on track to hit 8,000 miles this year. Looking back I can see where I lost a few miles here and there and they start to add up quickly. It doesn’t really matter in the big picture, but it my small Super 8 frame it does. I had challenged myself, and all the readers of Frontage Roads (two other people) to Make Miles Count earlier in the year. The idea being that if I’m gonna ride my bike there’s gonna be some do-goodery done at the same time. So I pledged .15 cents a mile to be donated to a charity. In my case it’s going to PSC Partners because that’s important to Serbrina and I. So right now I’m on the hook for $750, but I’ve still got a month to go. I’m gonna shoot for at least another 500 miles logged this year. Fingers crossed.

Next year I’ll shoot for more. It’s good to have goals, but it’s also good to make them slightly out of reach. They’re more rewarding if you reach them.