Rain Gear Freshen Up

Last week while riding home in the rain my knickers soaked through. I didn’t think that much about it other than it was just raining and it was too much for the material.

Then later in the week I saw a link on Facebook about repairing your outdoor gear from Backpacker.com. One of the things they talked about was reapplying water repellant to rain garments. I guess it wears off after some time and it needs to be freshened up. I realized that I’ve had these knickers since 2010 and they’ve seen many storms including some gnarly stuff on the Great Divide. It hit me that they’ve never soaked through like this and maybe they just needed a tune up.

So this weekend I went to REI and picked up the Nikwax treatment. I first washed the knickers in the special tech wash. Then I reapplied the water repellent and let it dry. Now I just need to wait for some rain to test it.