One More Plea! Push Me Over The Top!

Hey gang.

I have a favor to ask of you. As you know I try and do as much do-goodery as I can for MS every year. This year I participated in not one, but two centuries for MS. One in Utah and one for my local chapter here in Los Angeles. Oh yeah, both on a fatbike! (Cool right?)

For my local ride here I am the captain of Team Frontage Roads. This year I alone raised $5843 and as a team we raised $9706!! Our team goal was $10,000 so we got really, really close. Here’s where you come in. I just found out that if we raise another $300 in the next few days and meet the goal of $10k our team will win our own tent for next year’s (October, 2015) ride. This tent will be placed at the finish of the Saturday ride and the start of the Sunday ride. This will give my mom, who has MS, as well as any of our supporting team members a place to hang out, relax, chat and cheer the riders on. It would mean a ton to me to get your support to put us over the top.

Here is the link to my donation page. All donations are tax-deductible and will also raise your do-goodery credits 400% for the year. That’s not too shabby.