Camp Coffee Setup

I’ve been asked a few times now how I carry my coffee set up. It changes from time to time, but this is my core setup. I’m not gonna cover stoves because there are many ways to heat your water. I’ll do a separate post about stoves in the future.

My kit consists of an Aeropress, a Porlex grinder, mug and of course some beans. I keep the beans in a repurposed airtight canister from Teavana. It’s the perfect size for about 6-8 cups of coffee. Everything, except the mug, fits in side a Eagle Creek travel cube that I had. This makes it easy to grab and go when it’s time to head out.

I use a scale while at home, but when out and about I just eyeball the amount of beans in the grinder. I don’t always bring the Aeropress scoop, but I can get it pretty close. I also have the Porlex Travel Grinder which I prefer. The larger grinder is a little tougher to keep a firm grip on. The travel grinder has a silicone band that offers a good grip and keeps the grinder from spinning in your hand.

I always keep a metal filter with me. I use the metal filter at home everyday. When I’m out though, I tend to use the paper filters. It’s one less thing to clean. I don’t know that I can truly taste the difference between paper and metal filters. I don’t like the waste of the paper, but it’s a trade-off I’m usually willing to make.

What do you use? Leave a comment!

  • Good stuff! Excited to hear about the stoves. Might be looking into the keg setup this next year but how well can you travel with it?

    • Area45

      I think it travels great. It fits into it’s own case, which is also a bowl or cup. Fuel needs to be carried separately, but that’s the same for a White Gas stove.

  • Jesse

    I have much the same set-up, but with a porlex mini. My stove is a snow peak, which is also very nice.

    • Area45

      Solid set up. I have the Snow Peak as well and usually bring it as my 2nd stove for our #larivercampcoffee mornings.

  • yikesbikes

    That is essentially my set up as well. I tend to eye-ball the coffee and use a knife to stir. I also like the mini Porlex, if only because it nests nicely and grinds about as much coffee as I’ll ever need for a single meet-up. As much as I like the enamel mugs for camp coffee, I’ve found that I can’t get through a cup without the heat dropping due to the lack on insulation, especially in colder months. I’m curious if anyone else has experience this.

    • Area45

      You’re right on the enamel cups. Lately I’ve been bringing an insulated Ti cup. I’ve also been drinking a coffee that gets sweeter as it cools, so I don’t mind the temp dropping in the cup. That only works if the coffee works that way though. Otherwise, it’s just a bad cup of cold coffee.

  • Esteban

    I waste the paper with pour-over, but oh well!

    • Area45

      I do that with the pour over as well.