Coffeeneuring #1

This weekend I was able to get an official #coffeenuering ride on the books. Things lined up and I got out for the day.

First stop was up and over Griffith Park. I ran into John up there and we chatted for a while. We have a mutual friend in Aaron so it was great to see him again.

Then I headed down to meet Bruce and we pedaled over to Magelssen Sykkel. Mike runs the shop and they specialize in steel vintage bikes. Stuff that’s right up my alley.

After the visit I pedaled through Hollywood and made a stop at Purgatory pizza. Andy had been telling me about how good this place was AND they serve Bicycle Coffee. So I picked up a cold brew and a slice of pepperoni before pedalin’ towards home.


41 miles.
1 slice of Pizza
1 Cold Brew.