2017 SoCal Bike MS Is In Pasadena! Join Me!

Hey Gang. I know it’s been a while, ok, a long while. It’s been almost exactly a year actually since last I blogged and you read. Sorry, but we’ve just been enjoying our new life. That sounds weird, but it’s true. For years I’ve been driven by a desire to do as much good for people no matter what. My amazing wife was very sick and selfishly I needed something for me to help check out I guess. I only see that now though. In the past year she has gotten her health back and I’ve gotten my partner back.

So for that past year (plus) I’ve been spending every second that I can with my wife Serbrina. That means not to much pedalin’, I had my lowest year ever in 2015, and not much other than just doing stuff with her. However my Mom still has MS, and there is still more work to do. It kind of worked out in my favor since my local Bike MS event essentially took off 2016. Up until now the events have been based out of Ventura, and the last two years ended up in Santa Barbara. In 2016 they announced that the event would now be earlier in the year, in March, and also in a new venue. Now my local event is super local! Like, local local! They’ve moved the SoCal Bike MS event to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena! Rad!


One other change they did was to make the event only one day. I see pros and cons of this but selfishly it works for me. See the prior October event was on the weekend of my Nephew’s birthday and the new event is on my wife’s birthday weekend. Damn! I guess I’ve got some bad scheduling luck. However, since it’s only one day I’ve managed to work it out with the wife. Part of that will be getting her on the bike and maybe even riding with me.

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ll be updating with more info soon, but here is some starter info. There will be three routes. 30, 60 and 100 mile routes. They all start and finish at the Rose Bowl and basically head east and back. Adventurous riders will ride up Highway 39 to East Fork and then over to Glendora Mountain Road. That’s the one I’m looking at, but I’ll ride whatever Serbrina wants to ride. ¬†You can see the routes here.¬†Come ride with me!

I’m working on new kits for 2017. These aren’t going to be your run of the mill super cool now kit. These are going to be different because our team is different. Our team is gonna be punk rock. More on that soon. This event is on our local roads now so let’s show our local flavor. For 2017 the team is called LA River Camp Coffee and I’d be super stoked if you’d consider joining me in this. The last team grew by leaps and bounds thanks to the LA Bike community and the crew from LA River Camp Coffee. I hope you’ll consider joining me again on the team and spending a day on our bikes. MS is a real pain in my ass and I’d like your help in fighting it. Click here to join team LA River Camp Coffee.

If’n you don’t want to ride with us but can donate to my ride than click here to support me. I appreciate each and every donation. I think this is gonna be a great year. Let’s do this!