LA River Camp Coffee Patch Kits!

Hey Gang,

Announcing the brand new/ultra rad LA River Camp Coffee Patch Set!

As many of you know I participate in the Bike MS event every year to try and do some good. Every year there is an option to make a bigger/badder/bolder/classier cycling kit. Well I say screw that! Kits are too expensive and as soon as you order one a cooler kit is out! Are you gonna buy that one too? Hell no! That’s just silly thinking gang.

“So what can I do?” you say. Well I’ve got an antidote to the FOMO Kit Blues right here!  With this patch kit you can make your own LA River Camp Coffee cycling kit! Got an old denim vest? PATCH IT! Got a worn out jersey? PATCH IT! Got a hole in your panniers? PATCH IT!

Grab your mom’s (or your dad’s) iron or some needle and thread and make your own damn kit. DIY is the name of the game here folks. When your jersey wears out, and you know it will, move your patches over to the new one! To many spills in that jersey? You know what to do. Move them over to another old one! Breathe some life into that old stuff. Give it more flair!

So what you do you get for your kit? Good question gang. For one price you get 3 individual LA River Camp Coffee patches. As a b-b-b-bonus you get a new punk rock style FUMS patch. Your denim vest needs this. But wait! There’s more! I’ll throw in a second FUMS patch because, well, you don’t need to know why. You get it anyways. So that’s 1-2-3-4-5 patches in one kit!!! Amazing!

These patches are made for the BIKE MS LA River Camp Coffee Cycling Team (yeah, of course there’s one) and 10% of the net profits will be donated to fighting MS. What are you waiting for? PATCH IT!

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If’n yer local use code CAMPCOFFEEPICKMEUP to save on the shipping.

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