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LA River Camp Coffee Patch Kits!

Hey Gang,

Announcing the brand new/ultra rad LA River Camp Coffee Patch Set!

As many of you know I participate in the Bike MS event every year to try and do some good. Every year there is an option to make a bigger/badder/bolder/classier cycling kit. Well I say screw that! Kits are too expensive and as soon as you order one a cooler kit is out! Are you gonna buy that one too? Hell no! That’s just silly thinking gang.

“So what can I do?” you say. Well I’ve got an antidote to the FOMO Kit Blues right here!  With this patch kit you can make your own LA River Camp Coffee cycling kit! Got an old denim vest? PATCH IT! Got a worn out jersey? PATCH IT! Got a hole in your panniers? PATCH IT!

Grab your mom’s (or your dad’s) iron or some needle and thread and make your own damn kit. DIY is the name of the game here folks. When your jersey wears out, and you know it will, move your patches over to the new one! To many spills in that jersey? You know what to do. Move them over to another old one! Breathe some life into that old stuff. Give it more flair!

So what you do you get for your kit? Good question gang. For one price you get 3 individual LA River Camp Coffee patches. As a b-b-b-bonus you get a new punk rock style FUMS patch. Your denim vest needs this. But wait! There’s more! I’ll throw in a second FUMS patch because, well, you don’t need to know why. You get it anyways. So that’s 1-2-3-4-5 patches in one kit!!! Amazing!

These patches are made for the BIKE MS LA River Camp Coffee Cycling Team (yeah, of course there’s one) and 10% of the net profits will be donated to fighting MS. What are you waiting for? PATCH IT!

Buy here! 

If’n yer local use code CAMPCOFFEEPICKMEUP to save on the shipping.

Buy here! 




2017 SoCal Bike MS Is In Pasadena! Join Me!

Hey Gang. I know it’s been a while, ok, a long while. It’s been almost exactly a year actually since last I blogged and you read. Sorry, but we’ve just been enjoying our new life. That sounds weird, but it’s true. For years I’ve been driven by a desire to do as much good for people no matter what. My amazing wife was very sick and selfishly I needed something for me to help check out I guess. I only see that now though. In the past year she has gotten her health back and I’ve gotten my partner back.

So for that past year (plus) I’ve been spending every second that I can with my wife Serbrina. That means not to much pedalin’, I had my lowest year ever in 2015, and not much other than just doing stuff with her. However my Mom still has MS, and there is still more work to do. It kind of worked out in my favor since my local Bike MS event essentially took off 2016. Up until now the events have been based out of Ventura, and the last two years ended up in Santa Barbara. In 2016 they announced that the event would now be earlier in the year, in March, and also in a new venue. Now my local event is super local! Like, local local! They’ve moved the SoCal Bike MS event to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena! Rad!


One other change they did was to make the event only one day. I see pros and cons of this but selfishly it works for me. See the prior October event was on the weekend of my Nephew’s birthday and the new event is on my wife’s birthday weekend. Damn! I guess I’ve got some bad scheduling luck. However, since it’s only one day I’ve managed to work it out with the wife. Part of that will be getting her on the bike and maybe even riding with me.

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ll be updating with more info soon, but here is some starter info. There will be three routes. 30, 60 and 100 mile routes. They all start and finish at the Rose Bowl and basically head east and back. Adventurous riders will ride up Highway 39 to East Fork and then over to Glendora Mountain Road. That’s the one I’m looking at, but I’ll ride whatever Serbrina wants to ride.  You can see the routes here. Come ride with me!

I’m working on new kits for 2017. These aren’t going to be your run of the mill super cool now kit. These are going to be different because our team is different. Our team is gonna be punk rock. More on that soon. This event is on our local roads now so let’s show our local flavor. For 2017 the team is called LA River Camp Coffee and I’d be super stoked if you’d consider joining me in this. The last team grew by leaps and bounds thanks to the LA Bike community and the crew from LA River Camp Coffee. I hope you’ll consider joining me again on the team and spending a day on our bikes. MS is a real pain in my ass and I’d like your help in fighting it. Click here to join team LA River Camp Coffee.

If’n you don’t want to ride with us but can donate to my ride than click here to support me. I appreciate each and every donation. I think this is gonna be a great year. Let’s do this!




Saturday Home Roastin’ Coffee

After roasting on the Whirlypop for a while it was time for an upgrade. Something with more control and, to be honest, less cranking. I was tempted by other electric roasters, but you can’t beat the price on the Behmor 1600+. There is a wealth of information out there so I knew I’d learn quite a bit with it.

I ordered my Behmor from Sweet Maria’s in Oakland and they send you eight 1 pound bags of green coffee. That’s a huge bonus especially since I’m sure I’ll botch a couple batches.

I found a great coffee roasting log on a another blog called The Coffee Minimalist. He shared his log with me so I’ve been using it to keep track of my roasts. Thanks Matt!

I set up my roaster in the garage because it gets a little smoky. The Behmor does a pretty good job of minimizing the smoke, but some does get out. RoastING coffee doesn’t smell as good as roastED coffee. There are some distinct smells that happen during the process and they can linger. Serbrina allowed me to do the first couple roasts in the house, but I think it leaves too much scent behind. She says she can’t smell it but I do. So know I sit out in the garage while the dogs run around being knuckleheads.

Inspired by Greg of Trystero Coffee I had some righteous tunes playing during the roasting. It helps to pass the time from not much happening to First Crack. After First Crack things seem to get hectic. Hopefully that will pass as I learn more. Then end result though is some good coffee. I did two roasts of pretty much the same profile. I tried to alter the second roast, but I think they are more similar than alike. That’s the fun part though. The learnin’. Oh, and the drinkin’ too.


FUMS Merit Badge!

That’s right, every good deed should earn you a merit badge. How about helping me kick MS in the face? This patch is 2.5″ tall. Perfect for the front of your rando bag or on the side of your backpack. Here’s a b-b-b-bonus, 10% of this patch will be donated to the National MS Society so you’ll help me do some do-goodery. That’s not so bad right? Of course not!

Order here!


FUMS Patch


Ocean Air Cycles Scout Book

I recently picked up a Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport size to start using and noticed that my Field Notes don’t exactly fit inside the case. I mentioned this on the interwebz and I ended up getting a surprise in the mail.

Rob of Ocean Air Cycles sent me down a set of his custom notebooks to try out. The Scout Books are smaller than the Field Notes books and they fit right into the Midori cover.

They are simple, but that appeals to me. The cover appears to be a heavy kraft style paper. The interior paper is heavier than the Field Notes at 70#. I like that you can order custom versions of them for a reasonable price.

For now I’ve been using one as my “inbox”. The tough cover makes it easy to slide into a pocket and not worry about it too much. Or it gets slid into the Midori while I use the other inserts for their own specific uses. I’ll post more on those soon.


Coffee and Field Notes, or Field Notes and Coffee

It doesn’t take long once you start using Field Notes that you get sucked into the hard to find or limited edition versions. Enter the coffee versions. Up in Seattle you can get some packs there are only sold at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. Luckily I have a friend that works nearby so I reached out him and these arrived in the mail last week!

The smaller books come in a three pack and have three different interiors. The most interesting part to me are the back covers. They have different regions where the coffee is grown along with some facts.

The larger books come in a two pack and have the same wood cover that the Cherry Graph notebooks have. I’ve never seen it before and it’s pretty interesting. It feels like a thin Balsa wood and reminds me of the small airplanes I used to play with. The insides of both books have the same interior, with different information on coffee.

I’ve started using one of the larger books to keep track of my coffee brews. It stays in the cabinet with my coffee making gear and will be used to keep track of the coffees that I like/dislike. It should take a really long time to fill it up. That probably doesn’t mean that more books won’t arrive though. Right?


(Unofficial) Coffeeneuring #2

I know, it’s Wednesday, but I gotta get it in when I can. I’m talking about bikes and coffee! Sheesh.

Today was the first time in a long, long time that I was able to pedal to #larivercampcoffee. I pedaled the new rig and to celebrate I even loaded up the panniers with coffee and a stove. I was going to do this up right.

I was blown away by the amount of people there and more importantly the stoves! The stoves have been staying home lately and people have been pre-brewin’. Part of the experience though, to me anyways, is the making coffee on the spot. It’s the main reason I started doing this. To make commutes feel like mini-tours. Gotta get it in when you can. Coffee and bikes! Sheesh!


Coffeeneuring #1

This weekend I was able to get an official #coffeenuering ride on the books. Things lined up and I got out for the day.

First stop was up and over Griffith Park. I ran into John up there and we chatted for a while. We have a mutual friend in Aaron so it was great to see him again.

Then I headed down to meet Bruce and we pedaled over to Magelssen Sykkel. Mike runs the shop and they specialize in steel vintage bikes. Stuff that’s right up my alley.

After the visit I pedaled through Hollywood and made a stop at Purgatory pizza. Andy had been telling me about how good this place was AND they serve Bicycle Coffee. So I picked up a cold brew and a slice of pepperoni before pedalin’ towards home.


41 miles.
1 slice of Pizza
1 Cold Brew.


Coffeeneuring #0

I’ve been really trying to get some Coffeeneuring rides in this year. It looks like I’m starting to run out of time so I needed to get started.

This weekend I was camping down in Julian, which has some pretty good riding, so I packed a bike. Since I was camping I made some Trystero coffee in the morning.

Paul came up from San Diego to pedal with me. He’s a beast of a rider (see that Silver State 508 jersey) and to be honest I was pretty nervous. Thankfully he’s not training so he took it easy on me. Our plan was to do a loop and get some coffee along the way. We started be heading into town but it was packed. So we decided to do our ride and get coffee on the back end. Well, I’m out of shape and a slow climber these days so I blew our window. By the time we got back close to camp we ran out of time for a coffee stop. So I’m gonna count this one as a big fat #0, the intention was there, but we didn’t make it. It was still worth it.


This was one of the best days on the bike I’ve had in a really long time. We pedaled 25 miles and climbed just about 2300 feet. It would’ve been good to have some coffee at some point along the route, but it worked out just fine. Thanks for the great day Paul!



Team Frontage Roads Kit Pre-Order. ENDS FRIDAY!

Hey gang, there are only a few more days left for the 2015 Team Frontage Roads Bike MS cycling kit pre-order. The kit was designed by Aaron Edge with artwork by Zack Bolotin of The kit is for available for pre-order through Primal until Friday, July 31st.

This kit is designed for our team that will be riding in this years SoCal BikeMS event, but it is available to everyone to purchase. You don’t have to be on the team to rep us! In fact, for every kit we sell Primal will donate 10% back to our team, so you’d be making a donation and getting something rad to wear while you pedal around town! The jerseys are $60 and the bibs are $122.50. I have a fit kit available so if you are local and want to try on a kit I can make that happen.

Click here to create your account with Primal and place your order!