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Thrukon Day One!

 Today I headed north on a trip that’s been in the works for some time now. I’ve been wanting to ride a motorcycle up to Alaska for over 10 years now but you know, life. A couple years ago I met Nathan and he told me about his desire to ride north as well. A plan was hatched for Summer 2014. That plan didn’t work out, but one year later we are doing it!

Nathan is up in Seattle, WA area so before we can ride to AK, I’ve got to get to WA! I left today on maybe a 3-4 day cruise up to the Seattle area. My first stop was Mariposa. My Aunt and Uncle live there so I would be able to do a shortish day and catch up with them.
 I rode for 190 miles before my first stop of the day for gas, soda and a snack.

Only a hundred miles and change to get to Mariposa where my Aunt and Uncle were waiting for me. First we caught up on all life things and all the car things he’s up to. Then I set up camp on the lawn and they spoiled me with pizza and beer. Win!


My Swift Campout Pics

This past weekend Golden Saddle Cyclery hosted one of the #swiftcampout rides. I was lucky enough to be involved in it in a small part. We met at the shop and then made our way up to Mt. Lowe Trail Camp, about 5,000 feet above Los Angeles. We had two route options, one more dirt and one less dirt, and Kyle led one and I led the other. My route was up the Angeles Crest and it was long and hard. Yeah, I just said that. Long. And. Hard.

I guess I didn’t get to taking pictures until our group split up. An oversight on my part. So here are mostly pictures of our climb up the Angeles Crest.

It took longer to climb Angeles Crest than I expected due to the heat and the loaded bikes. This added up to the final paved climb and the dirt descent in the dark. We finally made it to camp at around 10:30pm and were able to join the group that had been there for 4 hours or so. It didn’t go quite as planned but it was a great day to be on the bike.

Huge thanks to Kyle, David, Ray and everyone else that helped to get supplies to camp. Also to Martina and Swift Industries for creating such an event. We had a great time and I don’t know that it would’ve happened without their motivation.



We are headed way up there!



Team Frontage Roads BikeMS Incentives!

Hey Gang! Great news! Roadrunner Bags, Swrve and Trystero Coffee have partnered with us here at Team Frontage Roads HQ for for the 2015 BikeMS SoCal Ride! On October 11-12 we will ride to fight MS for our friends and families.

Here’s the best part. The first 15 people that join the team will receive a signing bonus that includes a gift from each of our partners. There are 7 riders already signed up so only 8 slots remain for this bonus gift. If you register by tomorrow (3/22) and use the code CLOVER you’ll also receive $20 off of registration. It’s never been so easy to do so much good! Click here to join the team!!