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Cachuma Lake

We spent the weekend camping out at Cachuma Lake, just outside of Santa Barbara. Both of us have camped here many times as a kids. It’s still a pretty fun place to camp. Maybe not as rustic as I’d like, but it’s a comfortable place to come back. Many good memories of riding my bike all over this place as a kid.

Boon and Daisy


Friday night we lost our dog Daisy in her sleep. While it was very unexpected, we did have a great time with her Friday. We camped with Serbrina’s parents, her brother and his wife. There were four dogs between us. It was great to see them all playing together, even for a short while.

Saturday was pretty somber, as we had to deal with Daisy’s passing. Once that was handled we spent the morning in Solvang. Walking around the town I couldn’t help but think of Daisy with every dog that passed by. We brought Boon with us to Solvang and he got pretty spoiled all day. I think I hugged and kissed that dog more that morning than I had all week. We don’t have kids, so the dogs are a huge part of our family. Don’t take them for granted.

Looking back I didn’t take enough pictures. Or maybe I did. Maybe I just feel like I could’ve taken more. More of Daisy. More of the dogs playing together. I guess there may never have been enough. Maybe it was better not worrying about pictures and just spending time with them.



I did manage to get some pedalin’ and hikin’ in. Good time to focus on something else I suppose. Even squeezed in some prac with the map and compass. In the end it was a fun trip. I think we are going to go back next year, around the same time. I think Daisy would like that.


Super Dave

This week I learned that an old friend had passed. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever known. Super Dave.

I hadn’t seen him in a long time. An old scooter friend, who later got me hooked on BMWs and motorcycling. He worked on my GS, fixed it, modded it. Always wanted to join me on rides and camping trips. Those things never happened. He wanted to marry Serbrina and I. He was going to figure out how to make it legit and take a course online or something. He was going to wear a tuxedo t-shirt. You know, to keep it classy. Damn Dave.

He took a bad turn and ended up on the streets. I heard stories of where he was hanging out, but it seemed crazy. One day I rode down to Long Beach to visit Russ and Laura. I took the Blue Line back and settled in for the ride back to LA. I saw what I thought to be an older homeless guy get on the train. He came up to me and asked for some change. I didn’t realize it until he spoke, but it was Dave. I could tell by his voice and his eyes. He looked older than me, not younger, like he was. Somewhere inside this shell was my old friend. I didn’t know what to do. So I did nothing. Just watched him. Something I regret to this day. I don’t know what I could’ve done, but I know I didn’t do shit. I looked for him when I got off the train, but he was gone. Last week he took his own life by walking in front of that same train. Fuckin’ Dave.

Dave, Ryan and I went to see Fugazi at the Shrine in ’95. I listen to this live show all the time. Now, when I hear the crowd yell I’ll listen for Dave. I know he’s in there somewhere.


Weird How Things Work Sometimes

Yesterday my friend Bruce posted a video on my facebook wall. Just a friend sharing something cool with another friend. If you haven’t seen it yet take a few minutes and watch it. I’ll wait.

American Dream from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

The video is amazing on it’s own, but there was something deeper for me in it. One of the guys in the video, David, was one of my best friends in high school. We haven’t seen each other for about 17 years. Maybe more? It blew me away to see him, so I did some research and found his shop. Here’s where it gets even crazier. His shop, is located about 50 yards off of my bike commute. His commute takes him within 50 yards of my house! We’ve been so close for the past seven years of our lives and never even knew it.

Last night, on my bike commute home, I stopped by and saw my friend Dave. We chatted for about an hour and caught up on life and what’s been happening. I even got to see in person the photograph that he made with Ian. All from another video posted on facebook wall. Weird how things work sometimes.


7 Years Down.

This weekend Serbrina and I celebrated our 7 Year Anniversary. To say the time flew by would be an understatement. It hasn’t always been easy though. We’ve had some tough times. It’s hard to put into words just how tough it is to watch the person you love deal with a chronic illness. I just can’t do it. She’s one tough cookie though and a huge inspiration to me. I am a very lucky man to have her by my side.

Serbrina found this video of Ray Davies and sent it to me over the weekend. This song has special meaning to the both of us. It was a great find.

We didn’t make big plans for our anniversary. Just to spend the weekend together. We got a hike in, some family time and we even started watching “Breaking Bad”. I know, exciting stuff. Oh, I fixed a flat on the Mukluk too!

Thanks for being my life partner in crime Serbrina.