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Brevet Wallet V2

Made some changes last night. Used XPac instead and hid the final seam. I also added a pen holder. Dimensions are a little off so that will be tweaked in V3. It will be taller and slightly wider. Also, I’m waiting for some plastic to make a water resistant cover for the front. Progress!






I’ve always had a thing for patches. Collecting them from places that I’ve been. Now I’ve got some of my own!

The patches are 2″ across. Want one? $3 shipped.



Kona Dual Compartment Frame Bag

I just completed my first dual-compartment frame bag. This is a great option for frames that are large enough to take advantage of this. The two zippers allow you to get access to items at the bottom of the bag without having to empty all of the contents out. Just above the lower zipper is velcro that can be attached to create a shelf if needed or wanted. Also, there’s a small mesh pocket located on the downtube portion.

Looking down into the bag. Tons of space!

Shelf deployed.


Jon’s Bag

Finished a top tube bag for my good friend Jon’s Surly Crosscheck. Next up will be working on some gifts for the holidays and then back to some frame bags. Busy times.




Yesterday I was trying to figure out how to make a small bag and I just couldn’t understand it. Then while out shopping I found this small bag that had the answer. I stared at and it clicked. Serbrina bought it for me and for $8 and some time with a seam ripper I’ll get a proper education on assembly.