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Gettin’ The Flow Down

I tried something new. I read Glenn’s post about how he uploaded his photos from his 1000 mile trip through Alaska. How he was able to move the files from his camera to his iPad without the use of a ‘puter. It works pretty good. Like Glenn mentions the apps to process with are not as good as Lightroom, but I think it works ok. Perfect for traveling anyways. Thanks for the tutorial Glenn!



Whale Watch in Pedro!

Day #2 of a busy weekend had us out in Pedro early in the morning for a whale watch cruise. We joined some family and went out through the breakwater in search of Gray Whales. We found dolphins, birds and couple whales. It was a successful whale watch on a great day. Enough of the words, check out the pics!


Olvera Street and America Tropical

Having grown up here in Los Angeles we’ve been to Olvera Street many times. It’s always fun, but it hasn’t changed much in a long time. The food is pretty good and there’s some good people watching to be had, but it’s mostly the same everytime we go. Walking down the alley ways and looking at all the vendors has always been the main attraction.

Recently though, they’ve opened up the America Tropical Interpretive Center. I was excited to see something new so I ventured in. Inside I found a small interpretive center dedicated to the mural painted by David Siqueiros in 1932. It was deemed to controversial and was white washed in 1938. Sometime in the 1960s the white wash began to fade and it was re-discovered.

You can walk through the center and learn about the artist and the controversy he created. Then you can walk upstairs to see the mural for yourself. It’s faded of course, and there is an awning built to protect it from more sun damage. It’s worth the trip to Olvera Street though and I highly recommend it. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a burrito while you’re there too!