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Damn. I’m in Banff! So weird seeing people that you’ve seen on the Internet in person. Recognizing buildings from blog posts. Kinda strange. We are staying at the Y with most of the other racers. Wait, am I a racer now? I guess so. I seem to be anyways. My bike looks similar, gear looks similar.

Yesterday my bike was at the local shop Soul Ski getting serviced. The rear derailleur wasn’t working properly and the tires were still not holding air. They are installed some Stan’s for me and that seems to be working now.

My camera died, so I had to get a new one. The Lumix TS3 for you camera fans.

Highlight of the day though was hanging out with Scott of and making a small toptube bag from scratch. That was really eye opening for me. Totally custom and I even got to do some of the sewing. You can tell if you look for the crooked lines! Huge thanks Scott!

Oh yeah, we also rode the first 6 miles of the trail. To say it’s beautiful just isn’t enough. Glad I have a working camera to capture it, just hope I don’t stop to often to soak it all in!

We may leave this afternoon. We haven’t decided yet, but we are leaning that way. Keep an eye on the SPOT tracker. If it’s moving south, it has begun!


Checkin’ My Cues

I’ve finally finished typing them up. Now I’m going through and double-checking my cues. I’ve found a couple typos so far. Letters not bolded etc. So far they are looking pretty good though. One less thing to do. Stoked.




Salsa Fargo Bikepacking Santa Catalina Island Pt.3

We awoke to clear skies on Sunday morning. After the steep climb out of camp we enjoyed a long descent down to Middle Ranch. Along the way we finally saw one. A real life Bison! In 1924 fourteen bison were brought to the island for the filming of a movie. After production ended, they were left on the island. Seeing one of them was one of the highlights of the trip.

Parts of this ride reminded me of motorcycling through Baja. Dirt roads, few people and amazing vistas. The only thing missing were the taco carts. The road started to climb again and before long we were granted the view of the far side of the island. We spotted a hawk, or an eagle maybe, sitting alone on a rock overlooking the ocean. This was a special place and we were lucky to be here.

We eventually made it to Little Harbor and stopped for some snacks. We had a boat to catch in Two Harbors for the return home, but we had to climb back to the other side of the island. We arrived with time to spare and after lunch we relaxed on the beach, listening to the waves and enjoying a (strong!) beer. We couldn’t have timed it better as the skies grayed as the storm moved in. What a weekend.