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Four Wheel Camper Window Covers!

So, I’m kinda goin’ outta order here. Let me back up a sec and say we are now the stoked owners of a Four Wheel Camper. I haven’t taken any good pics of it yet, so I haven’t had anything to post. Basically though, it’s a Hawk Shell model with some good, for us, options. I’ll post a full report on it soon.


Since we ordered the Shell model we were able to pick and choose the options we needed/wanted and build it out to our own spec. One of the things I couldn’t see paying for was curtains. I can sew, so I figured I would take care of it. Last summer I was gifted a few leftover yards of a thick vinyl fabric, so I knew that we could use that for the window covers. So I took the measurements, cut the fabric and started the work. So far I have one done and installed. The next two are in process and I will install grommets later tonight. I’m using adhesive hooks for now to attach them to the interior. We will see how that holds up in the long term.

Feels good to be back making stuff on my own again. Things are more enjoyable when you know they were made by your own hand.