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Looking Back at Baja

Back in 2008 myself and a couple friends rode down to Baja after Christmas. It was my first time down there by moto. I screwed up and broke my leg and foot down there. I can’t convey how much that sucked. The leg part was painful, but not being able to finish the trip was the worst. I swore that I’d be back down there by April of 2009. Now it’s 2013 and I still haven’t made it back there. My foot still hurts me everyday. A reminder to get back down there. Soon.


Back On That Horse

This weekend I took it out again. Finally. The mighty 990 and I have been distant friends for the last year. With all the cycling I’ve been doing, I just haven’t made the time for the motorcycle. A few hours on the motorcycle, while fun, just felt like wasted training time. I can’t look at it that way though. I remember now how much I love to motorcycle as well as bicycle. I guess, if it’s got two wheels, I’ll always enjoy it.

Today I’m going to share some pics from my last big trip on the 990. Two years ago for Christmas I rode down to Baja with my friend’s Matt and Michael. I’ve been looking at those pics a lot lately, so I thought I’d share them here. It feels like a long time ago, but I think it’s time. Time to get back on that horse.


It’s about time. . .

After a very long 10 months, this past weekend I took out my motorcycle. I’ve been able to ride the moto for a long time, from the doc’s perspective at least. But it turned out that the biggest obstacle would be my own head. I was afraid of many things. Could my leg support my motorcycle? Would I stress it too much with all the starts and stops? Would I just be too scared to ride, period?

Well, it turned out that I was too scared to ride. But a funny thing happened. While working in the garage, I had to move my moto out of the way. I decided to throw a leg over it and something snapped. I wasn’t scared anymore. I fired her up and just wanted to ride. Just like that I felt comfortable again.

So this past weekend I cleared the day for a ride. Just me, my moto and the road. I headed out to Tehachapi. A favorite destination of mine. Home of the Tehachapi Loop, and very close to Caliente-Bodfish Rd. Today’s ride would only get me to breakfast and then home. It turned out to be just what I needed. Just “what the doctor ordered”.

Here are some pics from the road.

A good intersection. Vasquez huh? Has a nice ring to it.

Tehachapi Wind Farm

Kelcy’s Cafe for Breakfast.

My faithful ride. After months of patiently waiting, took me where I needed to go.