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Kickin’ around some ideas

The best part of planning trips is pulling out a map. Sometimes many maps. ‘Puters are great for a quick overview, but nothing beats paper maps. The real deals.


I’ve got a couple routes that need plannin’. One north and one south. Both exciting. Gonna be tough to choose between the two. Probably will have to do both.




Yonder Journal is Live!

Yesterday the Yonder Journal went live. A collection of stories and photos, but I think more importantly, inspiration. What is it exactly? Here’s what they say.

Yonder Journal is the exploration of American Frontiers and Western Principles. We are Cultural Anthropologists and Sportsmen compelled into the Wilderness to explore, document and publish a lasting and meaningful record of our experiences there. Through a collection of Studies, Briefs and Guides we endeavor to understand and relate those people, places and pursuits the purview of Yonder

You can read the stories and look at the pics. Some of them, maybe all, you’ll even be able to do yourself by using one of their guides. The main thing though is get out and do something. That’s what I get from the Yonder Journal. Like they say #goyonder.

Old Ridge Road Permanent from Yonder Journal on Vimeo.

Whatever it is, it struck a chord. Yesterday, a facebook post about the Ridge Route Brovet grew and grew. Grown men trying to figure out how to get to Bakersfield by bike. Grown ass men! To quote one of the posts “you’d think it be the other way around”.


Looking Back at Baja

Back in 2008 myself and a couple friends rode down to Baja after Christmas. It was my first time down there by moto. I screwed up and broke my leg and foot down there. I can’t convey how much that sucked. The leg part was painful, but not being able to finish the trip was the worst. I swore that I’d be back down there by April of 2009. Now it’s 2013 and I still haven’t made it back there. My foot still hurts me everyday. A reminder to get back down there. Soon.



One of the best parts about New York was the Subway. Gritty, grimy and historic. Filled with vibrant colors and the occasional human excrement. Watch where you put your feet.

The locals are so quick that they seem to float.

Take the 3 Train to Saratoga Av to get to the “Home of the Brave Hearts”.

Our American Gothic.


The Beat Goes On

Yep, back at it. The holidays are over. Nobody died in a Mayan Apocalypse, or a family gathering. Nope, nothing too exciting. Oh wait, maybe one thing. What’s it called again? Oh yeah. NEW YORK!!

Serbrina and I went to New York for Christmas. Neither one of us had ever been. She’d never even been on a plane before! I know, right? Well all I can say for that place is that it is dirty, and grimy, and awesome. I never went outside without my camera and I took pictures of the things that stood out to me. Probably not your normal touristy photos. Who gives a #$%@ though. It’s the New York that I saw.

For the holiday break I didn’t turn any pedals. Didn’t get any camping in. While friends were killing the Festive 500 I was learnin’ spanish in Rosetta Stone. Learning more about Lightroom and Photoshop and watching Arrested Development. Oh, and Anchorman too. Yep, that’s it.

Now it’s time to get back to work. Back to the grind. Like they said “The Beat Goes On”. Just watch out for those trees ok?


Salsa Spearfish Framebag

I’m headed out this weekend on an overnighter with a couple of friends. After some local intel from Brendan at The Hub Cyclery I’ve decided to ride the Salsa Spearfish for this trip. The Spearfish is not a bike that I’ve ever used for bikepacking, and to be honest I’m still figuring out how to ride it. Having suspension is a foreign thing to me. I know it’s working, but it just feels weird. Who cares about that though.

The main issue for me is that the frame makes it tough to carry gear inside the triangle. I don’t like gear on my back, so this has been a concern for me. Also, the forks don’t have bottle mounts like my trusty Fargo does. So I made a custom framebag that is just big enough to carry a water bladder, which will equal the amount of water I’m used to traveling with The problem of course is that all the gear that I carry in my framebag will have to go somewhere else. That’s for another night though. Here are some in progress shots of the framebag and the payoff is the framebag mounted up. I still need to trim the straps to the right length, but the hard work is done. Now it’s time to ride it!






Mt. Lowe in the Wet

I’d been itchin’ to get out and pedal. Been a while since I’ve been wrestlin’ with a cold and an annoying cough. Friday was lookin’ good but we woke up to some rain on Saturday. I wasn’t really looking forward to riding in the rain, but Bruce wanted to break in his new Fargo. I guess we were riding.

We left the truck with a steady down pour and headed up. I felt like I was back on the Divide. The constant wet, the creek forming on the side of the road. I sure didn’t feel like I was in Los Angeles. I was though. I love this place.


More Pics from the Stagecoach 400 Recon

Yesterday I posted my pics from our ride. Here are the pics from the guys perspective.

Andrew’s pics are here.

Michael has posted his pics on his blog. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Read them all!

Last but not least is Gnat’s blog. There is only one pic now, but I’m sure more will pop up. He was the best photog on the trip so I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves.