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Stagecoach 400 (Kinda)

The road less traveled is at some times the hardest thing you’ve done. It is often times the most rewarding as well. Five friends, set out to ride their bikes across deserts, through washes and over mountains. We didn’t accomplish our goal in miles, but we got what we came for. Clear skies, clear heads, adventure and tall tales of a few days in the desert.

We missed you Mathy.


Volagi Viaje Kickstarter Project

Check out this new bike project from Volagi. Called the Viaje it’s a road bike that is intended for everything. Road, gravel, singletrack, whatevs. Sounds like a great idea. Disc brakes and room for 42mm tires!

Volagi is launching it through Kickstarter and needs to hit a certain amount before they go into production. If I hadn’t just purchased a frame, this would’ve been one to consider greatly.