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Back Home

It’s been amazing week or so. I’ve started sifting through the pics and trying to determine how to tell the story. What to share, etc. The main thing that I’ll remember from this trip though are the people. I met some amazing people up there. It was so much fun to chat while riding along, waiting out the tide or just around the fire. This is what I love about turnin’ the pedals. Meetin’ the people that do that turnin’.


Mukluk Shakedown. Alaska or Bust!

This weekend I took care of the final tweaks for the Mukluk. The bike is boxed up and will be heading north soon. That means that I’ll be headed north soon too!

One of the things I had to finish up was a new handlebar bag. I’ll post some pics of that this week. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Before boxing up the bike I loaded it up with all the gear and headed out for a ride. I rode up to the Rose Bowl and “set up camp”. Everything seemed to work great and I think I’m ready to go! What do you think?