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Saturday Home Roastin’ Coffee

After roasting on the Whirlypop for a while it was time for an upgrade. Something with more control and, to be honest, less cranking. I was tempted by other electric roasters, but you can’t beat the price on the Behmor 1600+. There is a wealth of information out there so I knew I’d learn quite a bit with it.

I ordered my Behmor from Sweet Maria’s in Oakland and they send you eight 1 pound bags of green coffee. That’s a huge bonus¬†especially since I’m sure I’ll botch a couple batches.

I found a great coffee roasting log on a another blog called The Coffee Minimalist. He shared his log with me so I’ve been using it to keep track of my roasts. Thanks Matt!

I set up my roaster in the garage because it gets a little smoky. The Behmor does a pretty good job of minimizing the smoke, but some does get out. RoastING coffee doesn’t smell as good as roastED coffee. There are some distinct smells that happen during the process and they can linger. Serbrina allowed me to do the first couple roasts in the house, but I think it leaves too much scent behind. She says she can’t smell it but I do. So know I sit out in the garage while the dogs run around being knuckleheads.

Inspired by Greg of Trystero Coffee I had some righteous tunes playing during the roasting. It helps to pass the time from not much happening to First Crack. After First Crack things seem to get hectic. Hopefully that will pass as I learn more. Then end result though is some good coffee. I did two roasts of pretty much the same profile. I tried to alter the second roast, but I think they are more similar than alike. That’s the fun part though. The learnin’. Oh, and the drinkin’ too.