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Salsa Spearfish Framebag

I’m headed out this weekend on an overnighter with a couple of friends. After some local intel from Brendan at The Hub Cyclery I’ve decided to ride the Salsa Spearfish for this trip. The Spearfish is not a bike that I’ve ever used for bikepacking, and to be honest I’m still figuring out how to ride it. Having suspension is a foreign thing to me. I know it’s working, but it just feels weird. Who cares about that though.

The main issue for me is that the frame makes it tough to carry gear inside the triangle. I don’t like gear on my back, so this has been a concern for me. Also, the forks don’t have bottle mounts like my trusty Fargo does. So I made a custom framebag that is just big enough to carry a water bladder, which will equal the amount of water I’m used to traveling with The problem of course is that all the gear that I carry in my framebag will have to go somewhere else. That’s for another night though. Here are some in progress shots of the framebag and the payoff is the framebag mounted up. I still need to trim the straps to the right length, but the hard work is done. Now it’s time to ride it!






More Pics from the Stagecoach 400 Recon

Yesterday I posted my pics from our ride. Here are the pics from the guys perspective.

Andrew’s pics are here.

Michael has posted his pics on his blog. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Read them all!

Last but not least is Gnat’s blog. There is only one pic now, but I’m sure more will pop up. He was the best photog on the trip so I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves.


Stagecoach 400 (Kinda)

The road less traveled is at some times the hardest thing you’ve done. It is often times the most rewarding as well. Five friends, set out to ride their bikes across deserts, through washes and over mountains. We didn’t accomplish our goal in miles, but we got what we came for. Clear skies, clear heads, adventure and tall tales of a few days in the desert.

We missed you Mathy.


Another Mt. Wilson Ride

This past Sunday I rode up it again. You know, just trying to log more miles and get some climbing in. I planned to meet a couple riders, Aaron and Diego. The meet up didn’t time out so I started climbing alone. I knew they’d catch me at some point. Surprisingly I made it all the way to Clear Creek solo. I was thinking about bailing there but they pulled in shortly after me. So we made the decision keep going and finish the ride. Aaron and I chatted the whole way up. At a comfortable convo pace. The miles disappeared and before we knew it we were at the summit.

I managed to beat some times again, which was cool, but riding and chatting with a new friend made the day. Cyclists are good people. Glad to be a part of it.




Volagi Viaje Kickstarter Project

Check out this new bike project from Volagi. Called the Viaje it’s a road bike that is intended for everything. Road, gravel, singletrack, whatevs. Sounds like a great idea. Disc brakes and room for 42mm tires!

Volagi is launching it through Kickstarter and needs to hit a certain amount before they go into production. If I hadn’t just purchased a frame, this would’ve been one to consider greatly.