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Kogswell P/R Finishing Touch

After cleaning and washing the Kogswell P/R yesterday I mounted up the headbadge. My frame didn’t come with a headbadge so I had Laura from Pathlesspedaled.com make me a custom one. I sent her the logo from the Kogswell Wikipedia page as reference. I wasn’t really sure what I’d get back, but when it arrived I was blown away.

I had a choice of copper or silver. I knew the silver was going to match the bike better, but I still can’t get over how good it looks. The bike looks finished now. It’s just a shame that it sits behind the rando bag.

Today was a great day for a commute, sunny skies, warm temps and a a shiny clean bike. I hadn’t ridden the Kogger for almost a month so I was really enjoying it. It was going well until the rear tube exploded. Oh well, good thing I’m always prepared. Be safe out there.



I’ve been riding the Kogger as my commuter lately. I hate to say it, but the Surly Long Haul Trucker has been staying parked. It’s just too much of a bike! The Kogger is so quick and nimble that it’s been the go to ride. The Acorn bag carries my clothes perfectly and the dynamo? Well, it’s really nice to not have to charge your batteries. Damn, I’m really loving this bike.