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Getting the Idea Out

I’ve been thinking about a specific bag for the front of my Fargo since coming back from the Tour Divide. It was much tougher than I thought to get the idea out of my head and assembled in real life. After a few frustrating hours and many ripped seams I managed to get something made. I’ve got some changes in mind already for the next one, but now that it’s in a physical form it’s much easier to figure out how to fix it. What do you think Scott?




A Splash Of Color

While waiting for some new fabric for the brevet wallet, I started a new framebag. This one will be a new one for me. It’s for a Salsa Spearfish which is a full suspension frame, so the shape is more complicated. I’m also using the green XPac instead of the normal black. This will be a nice change of pace and should go well with the bike.

Oh, I made a zipper garage for this one too. Turns out it doesn’t work so well with two zippers, but it was still a good learning experience.

Enough blabbin’, show some pics!




Kona Dual Compartment Frame Bag

I just completed my first dual-compartment frame bag. This is a great option for frames that are large enough to take advantage of this. The two zippers allow you to get access to items at the bottom of the bag without having to empty all of the contents out. Just above the lower zipper is velcro that can be attached to create a shelf if needed or wanted. Also, there’s a small mesh pocket located on the downtube portion.

Looking down into the bag. Tons of space!

Shelf deployed.