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90 Miles of Pedalin’

Sunday I set out to ride a 200k. The ride was going along pretty good until this happened. Bill’s bike decided it was done.


We had to place a call for an extraction from Long Beach and take a car ride home. What do they say? A bad day fishin’ is better than any day at work? Yeah, I think that applies here.


Yonder Journal is Live!

Yesterday the Yonder Journal went live. A collection of stories and photos, but I think more importantly, inspiration. What is it exactly? Here’s what they say.

Yonder Journal is the exploration of American Frontiers and Western Principles. We are Cultural Anthropologists and Sportsmen compelled into the Wilderness to explore, document and publish a lasting and meaningful record of our experiences there. Through a collection of Studies, Briefs and Guides we endeavor to understand and relate those people, places and pursuits the purview of Yonder

You can read the stories and look at the pics. Some of them, maybe all, you’ll even be able to do yourself by using one of their guides. The main thing though is get out and do something. That’s what I get from the Yonder Journal. Like they say #goyonder.

Old Ridge Road Permanent from Yonder Journal on Vimeo.

Whatever it is, it struck a chord. Yesterday, a facebook post about the Ridge Route Brovet grew and grew. Grown men trying to figure out how to get to Bakersfield by bike. Grown ass men! To quote one of the posts “you’d think it be the other way around”.


Box Dog Bikes Pelican

Well it’s finally here and assembled. The Box Dog Bikes Pelican! This frame replaced the Kogswell as my go to road bike. It’s also a 650b frame so most of the parts moved over. I did have to build up a new rear wheel due to spacing, but other than that it was just a frame swap.

I’ve got about 200 miles logged on it already and I’m pretty happy with it. This weekend I’ll ride up Mt. Wilson and then next weekend I’ll ride 160 miles for MS. Did you donate yet?



Volagi Viaje Kickstarter Project

Check out this new bike project from Volagi. Called the Viaje it’s a road bike that is intended for everything. Road, gravel, singletrack, whatevs. Sounds like a great idea. Disc brakes and room for 42mm tires!

Volagi is launching it through Kickstarter and needs to hit a certain amount before they go into production. If I hadn’t just purchased a frame, this would’ve been one to consider greatly.


Ocean Air Cycles

Yesterday I got a new shirt in the mail. It’s from Ocean Air Cycles based out of Ventura. They are going to be launching their own brand of frames soon aimed towards randoneurring and spirited rides. I’m really interested to see the frames in person as they address many of the issues that I have with my Kogswell.

At the heart of it though is that it’s a local guy making a go at it. Check them out and if it’s what you dig, support ’em!



Brevet Wallet

I had this idea of a way to keep my brevet card and receipts together without using a ziplock bag. Something that would look a little nicer. So I made up a prototype last night. The idea is there and now that I can see it and hold it I know what to change.

I plan to add a pen holder on the side and I think I figured out how to hide the final seam.

Randos, what do you think?





300k Incomplete

This weekend was the Orange County 300k. I thought I would be able to complete it, but it wasn’t to be. This route had a lot of climbing in it and I was hesitant about it from start. I should’ve trusted my gut and stayed home. The start felt pretty good and I got to the first control within an hour. After that I hooked up with the strong tandem riders Jack and Kathy and a rider on his second brevet, Bill, I think. Riding with them was great for the next 30 miles or so. I hadn’t been eating though, so focused on holding the tandems wheel, and when I pulled out of the draft to grab a snack I couldn’t get back on. The winds had started and there was no way for me to make up the lost ground. The next 15 miles against the headwind sucked, really sucked. At one point my speedo read 5mph on the bike path.

I made it to the control and got some more calories in, but then the rollers started. The little I had left was gone and there was 100 miles to go. Serbrina was at her parents house just off route so I headed there. I knew there was more climbing to come so I just pulled the plug and spent the rest of the day with her. It was the right choice.

It would’ve been nice to finish, but when you aren’t having fun what’s the point. These rides should be fun. Unfortunately that fun is getting less and less for me. Might be time to mix things up. Maybe start walking instead.