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Riding the Santa Barbara 300k Today!

Today’s the day! I’m out riding the Santa Barbara 300k, which marks a year since my very first brevet. I’ve got a time goal in mind and with any luck I’ll make it. A year later and I’m a smarter, hopefully stronger rider. At least I look the part right?

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Where will you ride today?


October Events

October is finally here, although you wouldn’t know it from the heat wave we just had. I’ve been planning a bunch of rides, and they all happen to land this month. It seems like the only ride I wasn’t able to make was the Furnace Creek 508, which was this past weekend. Next year though?

Ok, first up this weekend is the PCH 600k from Salinas to Moorpark. This is the ride that I’ve been working towards all year. The final step towards becoming a Super Randonneur. It seemed like such a daunting task before, but after having completed the 400k last month, I’m feeling very confident.

The following weekend I’ll be traveling up to the bay area where I’ll join some new friends for a new adventure. We will be bike packing from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara over the course of 4 days. This will be a mini Tour Divide and will end with a screening of the movie “Ride The Divide” in Santa Monica on October 23rd. That Saturday we will also be doing a ride with the guys from Salsa Cycles out at Topanga Creek Bicycles.

That should be enough riding for the month right? Nope! The final weekend of the month is the Fall Death Valley Double. This will be my second double and my second ride though Death Valley. If it all goes well it will also be the second Adventure Corps ride that I finish.

Just the rides that I’ve signed up for this month total about 800 miles. I think there is a very good chance that I could log 1000 miles this month. Damn. I sure hope my legs are ready!