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Chemung Mine

On Masonic Rd, on the way to Upper Masonic and Bodie, you can see this. The Chemung Mine. Rumor has it that the mine is haunted. This was my second time there, and I can confirm that there is a spooky feeling up here.

We got there around 6pm. Hoping to catch a sunset. A storm coming in from the West was blocking the sun so it never happened. Damn. Guess I’ll have to go back up there and try again.

Looking out over the Bridgeport Reservoir.


Ice Melt

On top of the Kavanaugh Ridge, across a field of rocks and down in it’s own carved out bowl is this ice melt.

I first learned about it about 2 years ago. Now, whenever I’m up in the area I think about it. If you know where to look it can be spotted from 395, and as far away as the Chemung Mine.

Chemung Mine.  Looking south towards Bridgeport.
Chemung Mine. Looking south towards Bridgeport.

I always look forward to going back and visiting it. It’s interesting to see how different the melt is from year to year.