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Rain Gear Freshen Up

Last week while riding home in the rain my knickers soaked through. I didn’t think that much about it other than it was just raining and it was too much for the material.

Then later in the week I saw a link on Facebook about repairing your outdoor gear from Backpacker.com. One of the things they talked about was reapplying water repellant to rain garments. I guess it wears off after some time and it needs to be freshened up. I realized that I’ve had these knickers since 2010 and they’ve seen many storms including some gnarly stuff on the Great Divide. It hit me that they’ve never soaked through like this and maybe they just needed a tune up.

So this weekend I went to REI and picked up the Nikwax treatment. I first washed the knickers in the special tech wash. Then I reapplied the water repellent and let it dry. Now I just need to wait for some rain to test it.


Tuesday Pedalin’

It all starts out with a good breakfast. Coffee and eggs has been my go to for fuel in the am. Coffee in the Aeropress and eggs in the cast iron.


60 something miles in the bank for yesterday including some dirt in the AM and a group ride in the evening.




Get out and ride your bike! Fuel some stoke! Take some pictures!


Fatbike Friday

With all the news this week of fatbikes getting more boingy and less bouncy I decided I should ride my old style one. It has no suspension and no carbon, but it’s a smile maker through and through. It always brings out the kid in me and fuels the stoke.


When I was 8 lounging on the beach I couldn’t have imagined I’d be riding bikes like this. I mean I was too busy working on my tan and making sure my bear Yogi was cool too. Hope your weekend is as rad as this pic of me from ’82 is. And by that I mean super f’in rad!



Commute and Appreciate

It’s easy to forget how rad your own city is when you pedal it all the time. Routes become familiar or even boring. It’s not until someone comes from a far away place and you are able to see it through their eyes that one can truly appreciate it. LA has some amazing places. Sometimes you just need to dig around to find them. #bestbringamap




Rest Week

Saturday I’m planning to ride the OC400k brevet. I need to take the next few days to rest up and make sure the bike is ready to go. Most importantly that my head is ready. My legs feel good so I just need to the head to keep me going. Gonna be tough not to pedal this looker for a few days. I
hope to spend many hours pedalin’ on Saturday to make it up though.



Conquering Hills

Today I conquered two hills. One I’ve ridden around for months. Today I went straight up it. The other one I stayed in the big ring the entire way. Today was a reminder that I am more capable than I think. More capable than I give myself credit for. Today was a good day for #upness.





Commute! By Bike!

It’s been way too long. About 10 days without any bike commuting. 10 days without cleats. 10 days without smelly glove hands. 10 days without some cream on my choad. How do people live like that? I don’t understand it. Enjoy your weekend! Go get some cream on your choad! Wait, that didn’t come out right.



Final commute?

Well, on this build at least. Yesterday I received the remaining bits and parts for a new bike assembly. With any luck I’ll get it all to the shop this week and be pedalin’ very soon. Fingers crossed!

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