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Aerohead Cycles; Bishop, Ca

When traveling through Bishop up the 395, check out this shop. Aerohead Cycles is located one block off the main drag of 395. When I was headed up there I was in need of some tires for my Surly Long Haul Trucker. After asking around I was told to check out this shop.

I was immediately excited when I walked in the door and saw some Surly Long Haul Truckers on the floor. There were some Independent Fabrication frames hanging on the wall too! The people working there were very friendly and helped setting me up with some tires for the LHT. They seemed to be the shop to check out while in the area. Here are a couple of pics for you.

This bike was sitting on the floor. It was very cool and has a neat history. I don’t remember it though, so you’ll have to go to Bishop and find out.


Chemung Mine

On Masonic Rd, on the way to Upper Masonic and Bodie, you can see this. The Chemung Mine. Rumor has it that the mine is haunted. This was my second time there, and I can confirm that there is a spooky feeling up here.

We got there around 6pm. Hoping to catch a sunset. A storm coming in from the West was blocking the sun so it never happened. Damn. Guess I’ll have to go back up there and try again.

Looking out over the Bridgeport Reservoir.


Ice Melt

On top of the Kavanaugh Ridge, across a field of rocks and down in it’s own carved out bowl is this ice melt.

I first learned about it about 2 years ago. Now, whenever I’m up in the area I think about it. If you know where to look it can be spotted from 395, and as far away as the Chemung Mine.

Chemung Mine.  Looking south towards Bridgeport.
Chemung Mine. Looking south towards Bridgeport.

I always look forward to going back and visiting it. It’s interesting to see how different the melt is from year to year.


Rush Creek

After getting some local info we headed over to Rush Creek. I’ve driven over this many times and never noticed it. Usually late in the day is a good time to fish, but we were skunked again. Oh well, there are worse places to be.

After about an hour we decided to head back. We had a good walk back to the truck so I tried to hitch a ride. I would have kept driving too if I saw this on the side of the road!

Finally back at the truck we were rewarded with a nice sunset. A perfect ending to another day.


Kavanaugh Ridge

The day after our hike up to East Lake we took a drive up to the Kavanaugh Ridge. I’d been up here 2 years before and was looking forward to going back. The first time I was up there I didn’t realize that the lakes were so accessible. I was excited to go back up there and look down on the lakes that we had hiked to the previous day.

Butterfly resting among the sticks.

Here’s the GPS info from the drive. A 4 Wheel drive vehicle is needed to get up there. The truck did fine, but we did leave with some extra pinstripes!

Kavanaugh Ridge

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Driving through Mojave

When I head up to the Sierras I always go through Mojave. It’s kind of a sad place. Lots of businesses with shuttered windows. Very hot. Not much there. It’s the last place for supplies before you head out towards the 395. It also means the beginning of another trip. It’s the Gateway to the Eastern Sierras for me. The best thing about it though is the openness of the desert.

IMG_2631 - Version 2 - 2009-07-23 at 12-45-37

IMG_2641 - Version 2 - 2009-07-23 at 12-49-57

IMG_2629 - Version 2 - 2009-07-23 at 12-44-28