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New Rear Fender Day!

It’s been a while since my rear fender cracked. Several bodge jobs have kept it together, including Duct Tape and JB Welding some extra aluminum to the crack. These have only delayed the inevitable though and the fender was showing more signs of falling. I could hear it every time I rolled over a bump, dropped off a curb or did a sick tabletop off a kicker. Is that a thing?

So the good people at Golden Saddle Cyclery ordered me a replacement set of fenders ( hope I don’t need the front) and I was able to pick them up yesterday.

These are the Gilles Berthouds. I was using the Honjos before. Not for any specific reason that I can remember, so I thought I’d try the Berthouds. The Berthouds seem a bit wider, but I didn’t measure them so don’t hold me to it.

The rear fender comes with only the lower bridge hole drilled so I mounted up the fender to determine the proper place to drill the upper mounting hole. This is where patience comes into play. I installed, removed, installed again and tried to make sure I had the fender in the right place before drilling the hole. I did not want to stress the fender as that is what caused the failure on the Honjo.

After more time than I had planned I finally had the fender installed. It still needs the taillight moved over, but that will have to wait. I also want to add some mudflaps as the rear seems to sit higher than the Honjo. Always more to do! Now bring on the rain!