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Ocean Air Cycles Scout Book

I recently picked up a Midori Traveler’s Notebook Passport size to start using and noticed that my Field Notes don’t exactly fit inside the case. I mentioned this on the interwebz and I ended up getting a surprise in the mail.

Rob of Ocean Air Cycles sent me down a set of his custom notebooks to try out. The Scout Books are smaller than the Field Notes books and they fit right into the Midori cover.

They are simple, but that appeals to me. The cover appears to be a heavy kraft style paper. The interior paper is heavier than the Field Notes at 70#. I like that you can order custom versions of them for a reasonable price.

For now I’ve been using one as my “inbox”. The tough cover makes it easy to slide into a pocket and not worry about it too much. Or it gets slid into the Midori while I use the other inserts for their own specific uses. I’ll post more on those soon.


Coffee and Field Notes, or Field Notes and Coffee

It doesn’t take long once you start using Field Notes that you get sucked into the hard to find or limited edition versions. Enter the coffee versions. Up in Seattle you can get some packs there are only sold at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. Luckily I have a friend that works nearby so I reached out him and these arrived in the mail last week!

The smaller books come in a three pack and have three different interiors. The most interesting part to me are the back covers. They have different regions where the coffee is grown along with some facts.

The larger books come in a two pack and have the same wood cover that the Cherry Graph notebooks have. I’ve never seen it before and it’s pretty interesting. It feels like a thin Balsa wood and reminds me of the small airplanes I used to play with. The insides of both books have the same interior, with different information on coffee.

I’ve started using one of the larger books to keep track of my coffee brews. It stays in the cabinet with my coffee making gear and will be used to keep track of the coffees that I like/dislike. It should take a really long time to fill it up. That probably doesn’t mean that more books won’t arrive though. Right?