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SoCal Four Wheel Camper Rally

This weekend Serbrina and I went to our first Four Wheel Camper Rally. There were about 20 rigs there of all different builds/options. I was too busy checking them out and just generally relaxing to take too many pics. Kinda regret it now. We met some really nice people and saw some great rigs. Got some good ideas and info on what to do with ours in the future. Here are the few pics I did take.

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Four Wheel Camper

If there’s one thing that all my readers know, it’s that we like camping. If I could be camping all the time I would. One thing that I’ve always dreamed about is a Sportsmobile, a vehicle that is ready to go at a moment’s notice and capable to get us anywhere. So I started doing research a few months ago in an attempt to see if it would be possible to make that happen. What the hell right? I’m a believer that one should live now and put things off until they are older.

Well, the Sportsmobile was quickly ruled out due to cost. I found a couple used ones that would’ve required some mods for us, which put them back in the price range of a new one. Then I started shopping for a used Ford Cargo Van with the plan to make it a poor man’s Sportsmobile. Adding interior as we needed it, the penthouse tent and other camping features along the way. I found a few and almost bought one, but I kept getting hung up on the fact that I would still need to add a 4×4 conversion kit. Meanwhile I had a Chevy 2500 4×4 in the driveway. Not as cool as a Sportsmobile, maybe, but it was mine. All mine. So we went back to the drawing board and picked out a Four Wheel Camper.


For those unfamiliar, the Four Wheel Camper is a slide in camper shell. The roof lifts up while parked to allow access to a queen size bed (In our model) and a 6’6″ head room. This allows the camper to be more efficient when traveling down the highway and the lower profile is better for off road travel as well. A lower center of gravity helps for off camber or bumpy roads. It also makes the shell much lighter since the top two feet or so is canvas and not framing.

About a month ago Serbrina and I picked up our Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell. We opted for the Shell model because we didn’t need the galley and all the features that includes. Water tank, stove, heater etc. Also, we can add some of those features down the road if we want to. Or not, our choice. Best part? Our Four Wheel Camper cost less than the price of the 4×4 option on a Sportsmobile. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own a Sportsmobile some day, maybe, but we do own a Four Wheel Camper now. That’s a huge b-b-bonus.


So even though it’s a Shell model, we did add a couple things. Here are the options we ordered on our Shell.

–Side Dinette


–LED Lights

–Exterior Flood Lights

–Wall steps

–Yakima Tracks

–Fantastic Fan

–Exterior Lift Assists

I think that’s it. Since owning it we’ve added a Porta-Potti and I sewed up some window covers. So far so good.

In the first month of owning the Four Wheel Camper it’s already visited Yosemite and Death Valley. It’s worked out great so far and we’re looking forward to a summer full of more trips.




Four Wheel Camper at the Trona Rocks

Four Wheel Camper

Camping at Mahogany Flat


Telescope Peak Day 1

A few weeks ago Marcus floated the idea to hike up to Telescope Peak in Death Valley. Death Valley has the lowest point in North America at Badwater, 282 below sea level, and just across the valley has one of nine ultra-prominent peaks in California, Telescope Peak.

I have been pedalin’ a ton, but I felt like I was in no shape for this. So instead of turning it down I reluctantly said yes. I knew I’d make it, but I knew it would be tough. We drove out from Los Angeles Friday afternoon, getting to the Trona area right as the sun was getting good. It dropped behind the mountains as we climbed out of Panamint Valley up to our campground. Not a bad way to end your work week if’n you ask me, which you didn’t.

Four Wheel Camper at the Trona Rocks

Trona Rocks

Looking up at Telescope Peak

Trona Wildrose road was closed due to flood damage.

Camping at Mahogany Flat


Four Wheel Camper Window Covers!

So, I’m kinda goin’ outta order here. Let me back up a sec and say we are now the stoked owners of a Four Wheel Camper. I haven’t taken any good pics of it yet, so I haven’t had anything to post. Basically though, it’s a Hawk Shell model with some good, for us, options. I’ll post a full report on it soon.


Since we ordered the Shell model we were able to pick and choose the options we needed/wanted and build it out to our own spec. One of the things I couldn’t see paying for was curtains. I can sew, so I figured I would take care of it. Last summer I was gifted a few leftover yards of a thick vinyl fabric, so I knew that we could use that for the window covers. So I took the measurements, cut the fabric and started the work. So far I have one done and installed. The next two are in process and I will install grommets later tonight. I’m using adhesive hooks for now to attach them to the interior. We will see how that holds up in the long term.

Feels good to be back making stuff on my own again. Things are more enjoyable when you know they were made by your own hand.