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Brunton Inspire

For this weekend’s brevet I knew that my GPS would run out of power at some point. I have a Dyno hub on the Pelican but I don’t have a way to charge the gps AND power the lights at night. So I brought along my Brunton Inspire battery pack.

I had to plug it in to the GPS about 12 hours into my ride. It worked pretty well except for one issue. The cable kept pulling itself out of the battery pack and the GPS would beep that it lost power. The cable that it comes with isn’t very long so the battery pack ended up hanging from the cable and inevitably the cable would pull out. So at the next scheduled stop I bought some electrical tape and taped the cable to the battery. This simple bodge job did the trick and I made it the rest of the distance with no problems.

I ended the ride with a fully charged GPS and still had a pretty full charge on the Brunton Inspire. Looks like it will work out good for the upcoming 400k.



Camera Bag. Lessons Learned

Ok, so I finished assembling my first attempt at a camera bag. It came out kinda close to what I had intended, but there are many things to fix. The main thing is that I need more foam in the sides for the bag to hold shape. It’s pretty flimsy. It’s probably a combination of the fabric I used and not enough foam. I guess I really can’t have too much foam for a camera right?

I learned a trick in assembling the bottom. Thanks Scott. I need to adjust the measurements for the top flap, possibly even get rid of it. However aesthetically, once the measurements are fixed, I think it will look good. Also, it’s an extra piece of insurance in keeping the camera from popping out of the bag.

On the next one I’m going to add a microfiber interior that will allow me to attach a padded divider. I think that will help to give it some more shape, as well as keep the camera nice and snug in there.

Thanks for following along and apologies for the crappy iPhone pics. I was just taking them as I went along. Now quit reading this and go make something with your hands!