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A Dry Ride! It’s About Time!

Seems like the last few weeks have been wet. And even though I’m fine with riding in the rain, I’m starting to get tired of it! I mean come on, this isn’t Portland is it? Is it? I woke up at 6am to rain again, damn. So I checked the weather forecast and the rain was predicted to stop around 9am. Perfect, I’m going back to bed.

I have to admit that it was a gamble. If I go back to bed, would I be able to get up? Sometimes it’s just so easy to sleep in. I knew that I had to ride though. Everytime I skip a workout the only person that suffers is me. Things are getting more serious now. Intervals are getting harder, so skipping is not an option. Time to ride!

The weather ended up being great. All that was needed was a vest, jersey and leg warmers. As I was riding I couldn’t help but think about my friends back east. Eric and Jason’s climate is slowly warming, but not soon enough. Look guys! Bare arms!

What a great sunday ride. Hope this weather trend keeps going this way.


Popped my Cherry. The Right Hook!

What a weird day. After some special birthday cupcakes I got to leave work a little early. I contemplated a longer route, but opted to just head home to Serbrina. Riding through Silver Lake I passed Scott on a green Surly Long Haul Trucker. I was on the Kogswell and we both complimented each other on the bikes. We stopped and chatted for a while about bikes and trips. It was nice geeking out with another rider into the same type of bikes as me. After some time I realized I had to get moving. Scott’s last words to me were “Keep the rubber side down!”. Good advice.

Not three minutes later I was on the brakes trying to avoid a crash. Rear wheel locked up and a car right in my path. Bang! Tasting pavement. A bloody elbow is the proof. I quickly righted myself and kept an eye on the car. Luckily he was turning around and coming back. I had two witnesses that gave me their info just in case. We exchanged info and I was back on my way. Albeit a little slower.

Weird feeling jumping back into traffic. I thought back to my motorcycle crash and the hesitation I have about riding the moto. I didn’t want that to happen so the only thing to do was to get right back on that horse.

A slow pedal through Echo Park and I spot another Kogswell on the sidewalk. It’s my friend PoWen that I met at REI months back. More geeking out about our Kogswell assemblies and my crash is starting to fade away. Before I know it I’m one with the traffic again and everything is back to normal. Well, as long as I don’t bend my elbow it is.


Kogswell Truckin’!

I’ve been riding the Fargo for the past week and a half. I’m really loving the bike, but it was time for a change. We thought that Serbrina was going to have to go in for a transfusion so I was planning to ride out to San Dimas. I can do it on the Fargo, no problem, but for eating up pavement miles, well, that’s the domain of the Kogswell.

She didn’t have to go in after all, so I ended up riding straight home, and even though it was a recovery day I couldn’t help but push it. It just felt so fast on those smooth tires. My legs were just putting out steady power all the way home. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t that much faster than the Fargo. Could it be I’m getting stronger? Not sure, but sometimes the legs feel like they could do this forever.