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Angeles Front Country S24O

Saturday we set out on an S24O that was years in the making. Bruce and I had planned to try doing this 2009, right when the Station Fire claimed a huge section of the Angeles Nation Forest. Closing down huge portions of it for years. In fact, parts of the forest are still closed to the public for rehab. Rob set up this trip, so for the most part we were just following along. You wouldn’t know it from the pics, but there were 6 of us. However, there was only one Mukluk Ti so it was my main subject. Sorry, I hope you like looking at fatbikes. Click the pics to open the Lightbox.

This trip was my first solid ride on the Mukluk Ti. I was using some new bags and trying out a new tire. The bike handled everything I threw at it. I will say though that riding it loaded up the steep Cheney Trail Drive was harder than I expected. I was having a really tough time and had to stop more than I care to admit. I even laid down on the road at one point!

Once in the dirt the bike felt amazing. Rolling over everything. I could still feel the weight, but dirt is just so much more fun. Rob and I flew down the paved Mt. Wilson Road and the guys were surprised at how fast I could descend with the Mukluk Ti. A couple corners were a little sketchy since I was only running about 12psi. It’s kinda weird when the bike feels like it’s in a different spot than the contact patch of the tires. That made me check my speed a couple times. Back on dirt we rode the fireroad down into camp as the sun was setting and I didn’t have a proper light. The huge tires were very forgiving as I felt it rolling over obstacles that I couldn’t see. One log almost took me out, but we quickly made it to camp.

This trip took me to parts of the ANF that I’d never been to before. Places that I’d seen on the map, but didn’t realize how close they were. You really feel like you’re far away from home though. It’s a pretty magical place back there. One I’m looking forward to getting back to.

For the locals out there, we rode from Alhambra to Altadena. Then up Cheney Trail Drive and Mt. Lowe Fire Road all the way to Mt. Wilson Road. From there we descended to Red Box for water. Then took the Red Box-Rincon road to West Fork Campground. In the morning we continued on Red Box-Rincon road to Newcomb Pass. Then singletrack took us all the way down to Chantry Flats and the final annoying climb of the day. Pretty fun loop, although more challenging than I was expecting. It did give me plenty of practice though, and I’m stoked to say that I cleaned some of the tight switchbacks. I guess I’m getting a little bit better.

Enough of the chimpin’, get to the pics!

Bruce on his Salsa Fargo
We came from the notch way over there.

Tree blocking the trail.

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Olvera Street and America Tropical

Having grown up here in Los Angeles we’ve been to Olvera Street many times. It’s always fun, but it hasn’t changed much in a long time. The food is pretty good and there’s some good people watching to be had, but it’s mostly the same everytime we go. Walking down the alley ways and looking at all the vendors has always been the main attraction.

Recently though, they’ve opened up the America Tropical Interpretive Center. I was excited to see something new so I ventured in. Inside I found a small interpretive center dedicated to the mural painted by David Siqueiros in 1932. It was deemed to controversial and was white washed in 1938. Sometime in the 1960s the white wash began to fade and it was re-discovered.

You can walk through the center and learn about the artist and the controversy he created. Then you can walk upstairs to see the mural for yourself. It’s faded of course, and there is an awning built to protect it from more sun damage. It’s worth the trip to Olvera Street though and I highly recommend it. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a burrito while you’re there too!