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When I bought my Salsa Fargo I was searching on the web for pictures of other people’s Fargos. I was curious to see how people were using them. One of the sites that I came across was Gnatlikes.com. Not only does Gnat own a Fargo, and many other Salsas for that matter (he works for them), but he always goes on adventures and takes amazing photos.

He’s got a great website with different sections. One for bikes, one for photos and another for the gear he uses. You can tell by his photos that he puts his gear through some good testing with his Fargo.

His site has become one of my favorite places to visit as I’m always inspired by his photos. If you like bikes and adventure, I’m sure that you’ll spend as much time browsing his site as I do.

Here’s a photo that I took and it made me think of Gnat’s photos.